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Radames was born in Chicago. He knew where he was heading toward very early so he started writing songs at the age of 12. Back then, he decided he wanted to have a one-word name so he decided to use his first name “RADAMES” as his stage name. But before becoming a professional Recording Artist, RADAMES made sure he got some proper education, he wanted to explore the “behind the scenes” music industry first before even releasing any tracks. He wanted to make sure that music was for him. 


His dedication and love for music was amazing that it didn't take much time for the world to hear his voice.   At age 16 Radames became a Radio Station Executive intern producer & host of his own show. His Radio show was a hit and soon enough record labels started contacting Radames to have exclusive interviews with new and established singers in the industry. 


Radames had the great opportunity to meet music producers from all over the world, Artist, managers, A&R's. He loved every moment he experienced in the music industry so he decided to study Communications in College. While in College RADAMES decided to persue Acting and Modeling, he then signed with “John Robert Power Modeling Agency and decided it was time to give music a real shot. 


After searching for the right music producer he then meet Kamil Bartoszcze from KBE Studios, he also had an amazing vision for music that soon enough he produced RADAMES first single “WALK AWAY” the song was released as a “Free promo track” on his official site & Myspace page, it only took a few weeks for the song to spread all over the internet, it became a favorite Dance track by clubbers all over the world, quite amazing for an unknown artist. 


After a few months producers from all over the world wanted to collaborate with Radames. He then recorded his second single “Internet Baby” the single  became known in different parts of the world, specially in Europe. Nickito Records & VIP Zone located in Poland decided to launch an official “Internet Baby” Remix contest. The project was an instant hit, receiving hundreds of Remix entries from producer all over the world.  


Radames recorded his 3rd single titled “Why” and within months he decided to do a music “Crossover” and recorded his first Spanish track, a Cover version of Desireless hit track “Voyage Voyage” this gave Radames the opportunity to gain new fans. He then recorded “No Es Amor, Baby and a Spanish Cover version song of “Stereo Love”. Radames is completing his first Album "Sweet Revenge" which releases in 2015. 



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